Some courses I have created and gave:

  • 2020-present (Faculty of ECE, Technion): Overview of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This course describes for first-year students in our faculty the various fields included in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and presents main aspects of an engineer’s skills in the high-tech industry. I co-created this course with Prof. Avinoam Kolodny and have been co-teaching it with him since.
  • 2011-present (Faculty of ECE, Technion): Introduction Project in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This course provides a gentle introduction to the Electrical and Computer Engineering profession for first-year students in our faculty. I am part of the team who created this course, have been involved in teaching it since, and have been the teacher in charge of this course for several semesters.
  • 2005-present: Image & video compression course (various places). A course that I have co-created and give in various places together with Nimrod Peleg. The course deals with the principles of image & video compression as well as industry standards such as JPEG, MPEG-1/2/4, H.261/3/4, H.265/HEVC. Also covers other image and video processing topics such as image and video quality assessment.
  • 2002-present (Faculty of ECE, Technion): Object Oriented Programming and Design. This course was created by Gabi Zodik and I, and has been given by both of us since 2002. Since 2017, I am the lecturer of this course. The course covers major themes of OOP, software design, and design patterns. The Java programming language is used.
  • 2005-present (various places): Various courses on C, C++, Java, and software engineering.
  • 2001 (Mediatech college): MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) course. Covering C, C++ and the Microsoft .NET platform. As far as I know, I was the first in the northern Israel to teach the .NET architecture. 430 hours.
  • 1997 (MALAM): PC technician course. 100 hours.

Experiments, Presentations, …

I have co-created and supervised several experiments for undergraduate students. I have also written a number of presentations and documents on lesser known aspects of MATLAB, and I’m the faculty’s “knowledge center” on the subject.



In SIPL, I have supervised the following undergraduate student projects (* means co-supervision):

Projects supervised by Yair Moshe
Project NameAreaCollaboratorSem.
Open set classification of ship radarsRadar, DLRafael2019B
Blood pressure estimation with a smartwatchPhysiological, DL2019B
Speech dereverberation using deep learning*Speech, DL2019B
Melanoma detection and segementationImage, DLMarpe Technologies2019B
Unsupervised anomly detection in autonomous systemsManifold Learning, DLIEEE Signal Processing Cup 20202019A
Estimating blood pressure using PPG signalsPhysiological, DL2019A
Speech2SingingSpeech, MusicLyrica2019A
Pneumonia detection from chest X-Rays with robustness to deformationsImage, DLZebra Medical Vision2019A
Thermal to visible facial image translationImage, DL2019A
Health maps from PPGPhysiologicalGT-CARDIO2018B
Detection of pool entry using an acoustic sensorAudioSosense2018B
Suspicious moles detectionImageMarpe Technologies2018B
Material recognition using images from thermal mobile cameraImage2018B
Blood pressure estimation using PPG signalsPhysiological, DLFaculty of Medicine
Rambam Medical Center
Speech2SingingSpeech, MusicElad Keidan2018A
Alarm sound detectionAudio, DL2018A
Material recognition using thermal imagesImage, DL2018A
Object localization in thermal imagesImage, DL2018A
Classroom mechanics augmented reality applicationVideo, DL2018A
Pneumonia detection from chest x-raysImage, DL2017B
Deep learning for classroom mechanics augmented reality Video, DL2017B
Blood pressure estimation from smartphone video Video, Physiological2017A
Real-time pedestrian traffic light recognition using deep learningVideo, DL2017A
Classroom mechanics augmented reality with your smartphoneVideo2017A
Fast video coding using deep learningVideoHarmonic2016B
Influence of motion on video quality perceptionVideoHarmonic2016B
Detection of alarm sounds using deep learningAudio2016A
Rodent bones identification using deep learningImageHebrew Univ.2016A
Rural road detection for a self-driving carImageRafael2016A
Pedestrian traffic light recognition on video using deep learningVideo2016A
Android App for objects removal from crowded image background*Video2016A
3D data processing and registration with multiple RealSesnse cameras3D2016A
Registration of RealSense 3D scans and CAD models3D2015C
Detection of alarm sounds in noisy environmentsAudio2015B
Red/green pedestrian traffic light recognitionImage2015B
Rodent bones classificationImageHebrew Univ.2015B
Blood pressure estimation using a smartphone cameraVideo, PPG2015B
Super-resolution for infrared surveillance videoVideoIDF2015B
Musical plagiarism detectionAudio2015A
Robust underwater image compression*ImageRafael2015A
Sidescan sonar image compression*ImageRafael2015A
Image compression using block removal and synthesisImage2015A
Objects removal from crowded image background*Video2015A
Using Epson augmented reality glasses3D2014C
Detection of distress in speechSpeechcMeSafe2014B
Analysis of pied kingfisher foraging pattern in space3DUniv. of Haifa2014B
Registration of point clouds*3D2014B
Speech narration quality assessmentSpeechBlindvoices2014A
Distance estimation of marine vehiclesVideoRafael2014A
Background modeling in videoVideo2014A
Fast HEVC quad-tree partitioning for GPU parallelizationVideoHarmonic2014A
Object segmentation using Intel RealSense 3D camera3DIntel2014A
Fast High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)Video2013B
Video coding for underwater transmissionVideoRafael2013B
Transcoder video quality assessmentVideoHarmonic2013B
Audio matching in a mobile environmentAudioTelequid2013A
Part-based human detection in VideoImageDVTel2013A
Video quality assessment improvementsVideo2013A
Augmented reality pinballVideo2013A
Bilateral filtering and morphological gradient for SIPERImage2012C
Nonlocal Means image denoising for SIPERImage2012C
Cloud detection in color aerial imagesImageMOD2012B
Analysis of fish behavior in videoVideoCornfeed2012B
Video quality assessment systemVideoIDF2012B
Image denoising using nonlinear tone-mappingImageIDC2012A
Tone mapping for SWIR face imagesImageMOD2012A
Moving object detection in compressed aerial videoVideoElbit2012A
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)Video2012A
Image skeletonization for SIPERImage2011C
Grouping pixels perceptually into contours for SIPERImage2011C
Synthetic speech with synchronized lip movement for robotic headSpeechCRML2011B
Reduced-reference surveillance video quality assessmentVideoIDF2011B
Human detection and trackingVideoDVTel2011B
Augmented reality Pinball gameVideo2011B
Image processing for photoelastic stress analysisImageVishay2011A
Shadow detection in aerial images*ImageElbit2011A
Moving objects detection in compressed domainVideoElbit2011A
Augmented reality using PlayStation Eye*Video2011A
Music composition using multitouch interfaceVideo, Music2011A
Hough transform for SIPERImage2010C
Saliency detection for SIPERImage2010C
Surveillance video quality assessmentVideoIDF2010B
Multitouch TangramVideoCRL Lab2010B
Cast shadow detection for Texas Instruments DM642*Video, DSPIDC2010B
Audio query by tapping*Audio2010A
G.711.1 wideband speech coding for Texas Instruments C55xx*Speech, DSP2010A
Cast shadow detection in videoVideoIDC2010A
Multi-camera tracking in crowdVideoMate2010A
Face detection for SIPERImage2009C
Robust keystroke identification using IRVideoMOD2009C
Reduced-reference video quality assessmentVideo2009B
Shape recognition for a multi-touch surfaceVideoCRL2009B
Voice scrambling for Atmel DIOPSIS 940HF*Speech, DSPAtmel2009A
Speech coding using Simulink for DSPSpeech, DSP2009A
Abnormal event detection in compressed videoVideoNice2009A
Fast object detection in multi-camera videoVideoMate2009A
Object tracking and classification for Texas Instruments DM642Video, DSP2009A
Texture synthesis for SIPERImage2008C
Digital Audio Effects using Simulink for DSP*Audio, DSP2008B
Small target detection in IR video*VideoSensoOptics2008B
Keystroke identification using IRVideoMOD2008B
JPEG image compression for SIPERImage2008A
Edge detection for SIPERImage2008A
Intra prediction for SIPERImage2008A
Parallel Hough transformImage2008A
Objects reidentification in multi-camera video*VideoMate2008A
Video background modeling for an embedded systemVideo2008A
Video quality assessmentVideoMOD2008A
Image thresholding for SIPERImage2007C
Image quantization for SIPER*Image2007C
Pedestrian tracking for Texas Instruments C6455 and DM642Video, DSP2007B
Scene cut detection in aerial videoVideoElbit2007B
Post-processing for aerial videoVideoElbit2007B
Adaptive pattern matching using Gray-Code-Kernels*Image2007B
Audio retrieval using computer vision toolsAudio, Image2007A
G.726 speech coding using Simulink for Texas Instruments C67xxSpeech, DSP2007A
Geometry-adaptive block partitioning for H.264 video codingVideo2007A
Fast motion estimation using GCK for Texas Instruments DM6437Video, DSP2007A
Texture synthesisVideo2007A
Morphological image processing for SIPERImage2006C
Feature matching for widely-separated viewsVideo2006B
Accelerated video decoding using an NVidia GPU*VideoElbit2006B
Packet-loss concealment detection for video based on image contentVideoRadVision2006B
Video face detection for Texas Instruments DM642Video, DSP2006B
MPEG-7 audio descriptors for SPDemoAudio2006B
Image coding using lapped transforms*Image2006A
Speech data embedding for SPDemo*Speech2006A
Single-ended objective speech quality assessment for SPDemo*Speech2006A
Audio retrievalAudioMobixell2006A
Scalable video coding using MCTF for H.264/AVC*Video2006A
Multi-view video coding for H.264/AVCVideo2006A
Bit-rate control for multithreaded H.264/AVC encoder*VideoOplus/Intel2006A
Video logo Insertion in compressed domain for Texas Instruments C67xxVideo, DSPNeGeV2006A
Pedestrian tracking for Texas Instruments DM642Video, DSPMOD2006A
Post-processing for flicker reduction in H.264/AVCVideoOplus/Intel2005B
Very low bitrate H.264/AVC implementation for Texas Instruments C67xxVideo, DSPTadiran2005B
H.264/AVC implementation for Texas Instrument DaVinciVideo, DSPElbit2005B
Fast motion estimation using GCK for Texas Instrument DM642Video, DSP2005B
Video retrieval using motion featuresVideo2005B
3D image reconstruction for Texas Instrument DaVinci*Image, DSPGIP2005B
Advanced variable-size FFT for Texas Instruments C67xxDSP2005A
Video pre-processing using morphological toolsVideoComverse2005A
Text detection in videoVideo2005A
Video retrieval using color featuresVideo2005A
Multithreaded H.264/AVC encodingVideoIntel2005A
Video shot boundary detection using pixel-based methodsVideo2004C
Video shot boundary detection using block-based methodsVideo2004C
Fingerprint authentication using TI FADT*Image, DSP2004C
Low-complexity face detection in imagesImage2004C
Speech bandwidth extension for Atmel DIOPSIS D740*Speech, DSPAtmel2004C
Video error concealment for H.264Video2004B
Video face detection for Texas Instruments DM642Video, DSP2004B
Fast pattern recognition using Gray-Code-KernelsImage2004B
AAC audio coding for SPDemoAudio2004A
JPEG to MPEG transcodingImage, VideoAdimos2004A
Very low bit-rate video compressionVideoTadiran2004A
Arbitrary size FFT for Texas Instruments C67xxDSP2003C
Low-complexity image retrieval in the spatial domainImage2003C
Low-complexity image retrieval in the DCT domainImage2003C
Fast Intra Prediction for H.264 video codingVideo2003B
TDHS for SPDemoSpeech2003B
MP3 audio coding for Texas Instrument C64xxAudio, DSP2003A
Voice Activity Detector for Texas Instruments C54xxSpeech, DSP2003A
WSOLA for Texas Instruments C54xx and for SPDemoSpeech, DSP2003A
Speech features extraction for SPDemoSpeech2003A
H.264 video coding for Texas Instruments DM642Video, DSP2003A
H.264 video coding for Freescale StarCore 8101Video, DSP2003A
H.264 video coding for Analog Devices BlackfinVideo, DSP2003A
G.711 packet loss concealment for SPDemo*Speech2002B
Digital watermarking of MIDI files*AudioMobixell2002B
H.264 video coding for VCDemo*Video2002A
MP3 audio coding for SPDemoAudio2002A
Voice scrambling for SPDemo*Speech2002A
FFT for Analog Devices ADSP-21160DSP2001C
H.26L implementation for Texas Instruments IDKVideo, DSP2001C
Independent hand-drawn sketch recognition for an electronic tabletImage2001C
A tool for subjective assessment of image qualityImage2001B